Collaborative Divorce in Overland Park

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Terri offers Divorce Coaching to help with clients in the divorce process interact and communicate with their spouse more effectively to achieve the best possible outcome. Terri Discher offers two models of Divorce Coaching for individuals or couples beginning the divorce process: Collaborative Divorce Process and the Non-Collaborative Process.

Collaborative Divorce Process

The Collaborative process unites Terri Discher as your divorce coach with your collaborative divorce attorney. Terri guides you through the process and advises you on decisions pertaining to your divorce. She works with you to obtain your best possible outcome from your divorce from child custody/visitation to property settlements. She participates in attorney consultations, as well as, meetings with your spouse and their attorney. She becomes your advocate in the divorce process. She becomes the voice of calm objectivity and reason and in the maze of legal and emotional chaos.

What is the Collaborative Divorce process? I’m so confused by all these so-called “experts.” My spouse and I can’t even cooperate, let alone collaborate on our divorce. How do I find professionals experienced in this process?

Divorce is not just a legal process. Divorce is also a financial and emotional process. The collaborative process allows divorcing couples to address every aspect in the divorce process, not just the issue required by law.

The Collaborative Divorce process is an interdisciplinary process based on professionals working as a team. All professionals involved work together in a non adversarial manner to reach long term resolution instead of short term results. The team:

  • is focused on a settlement to ensure the family comes away from the process whole,
  • incorporates one attorney for each spouse to help each of you negotiate the often contentious issues of divorce and to separate from each other legally,
  • includes a neutral financial analyst to help you separate financially, and
  • involves a neutral divorce coach to help you begin to separate emotionally and establish an amicable post-divorce relationship.

The Collaborative Process promotes spousal cooperation

The collaborative divorce process is based on cooperation between you and your spouse. This allows the professionals to spend their time more effectively and efficiently, hopefully keeping your costs as low as possible. The collaborative process is an alternative to traditional litigation and court appearance geared to help families deal with the pain of divorce and learn new ways to form healthier relationships post-divorce.

What role does the divorce coach play in the collaborative process?

As your divorce coach, Terri will familiarize you with the steps to expect in the collaborative process, the possible emotional landmines to avoid and guide you in producing the required parenting plan, if minor children are involved. Terri is here to assist each party in dealing with the divorce process more effectively. In addition to helping clients deal with the emotional aspects of the divorce process, Terri also assist each party with identifying self-defeating behaviors, improving communication, prioritizing needs and goals and maintain a future perspective.

The Collaborative Process maintains integrity and respect during divorce

You and your spouse have control over the outcome of the collaborative divorce process, not the court system. You control how long the process will take. If areas of contentions arise, the process can take longer to work through those issues. Terri helps you stay in control, focus on productive solutions and be better prepared for a life after divorce.

A Divorce Coach helps promotes creative thinking

As your divorce coach, Terri encourages divorcing couples to think creatively and craft solutions that work for them and their families. Terri helps couples take control over what happens, how fast it happens, who is involved and work toward a mutually satisfactory settlement. Everyone has input; brainstorming and creative ideas can emerge to solve differences and issues.

How do I find professionals experienced in this process?

Terri is a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals as well as a founding member of Collaborative Practice Kansas City, which is a network of divorce attorneys, financial analysts and mental health professionals committed to offering parties the guidance, support, and expertise to resolve all issues surrounding their divorce outside a courtroom. The members of the collaborative practice network have significant experience working with families utilizing the collaborative divorce model.

Non-Collaborative Process

The Non-Collaborative process incorporates Terri as your personal, individual coach within the traditional legal process. Terri becomes your advocate in the divorce process and the voice of calm objectivity and reason, but not necessarily in tandem with your legal team or the legal team of your spouse.

What if I’m not ready to schedule, but just have some questions about the collaborative divorce coaching process?

We realize taking that first step into counseling can be a difficult one. The last thing we want is for clients to feel pressured to make an appointment. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible so you can make the best decision on how to proceed. There is no pressure to schedule an appointment.

Divorce is difficult. In the chaos of divorce, let Terri be the calm voice to help you achieve a divorce with respect and integrity. Take Charge, Inc. is located in Overland Park, KS. Contact us toady, we can help! Email or call with and our staff will give you all the information you need about our services.

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