Counseling Podcasts

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

Take a moment to listen to the Counseling Podcasts below, recorded by Take Charge Inc.’s own Terri Clinton Dichiser. These Counseling Podcasts cover many topics of interest from Divorce to Creative Solutions. We offer these Counseling Podcasts to help our clients and web guests to increase their emotional intelligence.

What is collaborative law?

5 min. 11 sec.

Children of Divorce and Collaborative Law

3 min. 24 sec.

Emotional Part of Divorce

1 min. 37 sec.

Shift in Demographics in Divorce and Divorce Misconceptions

5 min. 5 sec.

What is Mediation and How is it Different than Collaborative Law

48 sec.

Strategies to Solve Issues and Creative Solutions

7 min. 18 sec.

Societal Perception Changes Regarding Divorce

1 min. 56 sec.

Questions/Answers from Radio Show Listeners

The Role of Children in Collaborative Divorces

2 min. 13 sec.

Average Cost of Collaborative Divorce

1 min. 22 sec.


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