Divorce Counseling – Conscious Uncoupling

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC)

couple in a divorce counseling sessionConscious uncoupling is more than a Hollywood buzzword. Also known as intentional divorce, it’s about creating a new type of relationship… and a new life. We will help you to redefine boundaries for yourself and interact with each other with respect and decency. Divorce counseling can help take the hate and pain out of divorce.

  • My husband has filed for divorce. What do I do? We have decided to divorce, what about the kids?
  • We can’t agree on anything in our divorce. I can’t make decisions when I am so angry and hurt.


Just the word brings up visions of conflict, pain, and hopelessness. Divorce causes limbo in the lives of every family member, most especially the children. Every stage in the divorce process opens old wounds and creates new ones. Couples must deal with the personal, emotional trauma, the trauma of their children as well as the legal maze associated with divorce. Working through these emotional issues while trying to manage the legal process can be overwhelming and confusing.

Take Charge, Inc. has eloped several personalized services to help individuals or couples determine what they need at this critical time in their lives.

Divorce Counseling

My divorce is final…now what? I don’t know how to be NOT MARRIED. My marriage is over, what do I do with all these emotions? I think I want a divorce, but I’m just not sure.

Terri offers Divorce Counseling to individuals who are already in the process of divorce or have experienced a divorce. Terri’s focus is helping individuals move past the trauma of divorce and move forward into a new and different stage in their life.

Trying to decide whether to divorce can be just as overwhelming as the divorce itself.

Even if your reasons for divorce are valid, taking that first step brings confusion, turmoil, pain and indecision to your life. Terri's divorce counseling can guide you to make sense of the confusion and bring perspective to the divorce question. In some cases, Terri can offer ways to heal the relationship through marriage counseling, so divorce does not seem like the only option.

A significant relationship has ended. Just as in losing a loved one in death, grieving is a vital part of the process.

When we lose someone we love to death, it is normal and expected to go through the grieving process. In the same way, when you lose a spouse and a relationship because of divorce, regardless of reasons, grieving is vital to the process of moving on. Through divorce counseling Terri allows you to feel free to express that grief, to talk about the good the bad and the ugly to help you come to terms with that loss and enable you to move through them.

After being married for so long, living in a single society is a huge transition.

Although it may be you are “suddenly single”, often times the dread of being single is much worse than actually living single. Terri can guide you in your thought processes, so you don’t get caught up in the “single life” dread, but focus on the “new life” potential. From shopping for one to being alone for several days while the kids are with the other parent, Terri can help you address all areas of your post divorce life.

I have to handle everything now, from the kids, to my career and finances. I’m not sure I can do it all by myself.

Divorce changes everything for everyone involved. You may have to re-enter the workforce, become the family financial planner, and manage new or additional schedules for the kids, in addition to continuing in your role before the divorce. Terri can help you prioritize and establish manageable ways to accomplish the new (and maybe intimidating) aspects in your life. Terri’s divorce couseling goal is to empower you and give you confidence to know you can do what needs to be done and do it well.

After divorce, new relationships can seem scary and impossible to begin and maintain.

Beginning a new relationship after divorce can be exciting, but also be the source of anxiety and stress. New relationships can bring to mind past pain and hurt from previous relationships that prevent you from enjoying all the new person has to bring to your life. Terri can help you keep perspective between the past and the new. She helps you identify past negative relationship behaviors and patterns to avoid going through the same pain and turmoil of past relationships.

What if I’m not ready to schedule, but just have some questions about the divorce counseling process?

We realize taking that first step into counseling can be a difficult one. The last thing we want is for clients to feel pressured to make an appointment. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible so you can make the best decision on how to proceed. There is no pressure to schedule an appointment.

Divorce is not the end of your life. Let Terri help you take those next steps to meet your new life with empowerment and confidence. Your email is kept confidential. Take Charge, Inc. is located in Overland Park, KS.