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Individual Counseling with Understanding Shame and the Six Acts of Shame: A Path to Healing and Self-Compassion

Shame, with its powerful grip on the human psyche, has the potential to impact our sense of self-worth and interpersonal relationships profoundly. Individual counseling helps...
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Navigating Betrayal Trauma with Individual Counseling:  Understanding and Coping

If betrayal trauma is something you suffer from, individual counseling with Take Charge Inc. might help! Betrayal trauma refers to the psychological distress that occurs...

Exploring the Transformative Potential of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is at the front of emerging alternative approaches to mental health treatment. After extensive training, Terri Dichiser has recently added ketamine assisted...
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Unveiling the Mirror with Individual Counseling: Identifying Yourself as a People Pleaser

Individual counseling is there if you find yourself in the role of ‘people pleaser.’ Embarking on the path of self-discovery often involves looking into the...
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Unveiling Emotional Neglect in Marriage: Understanding and Healing with Marriage Counseling

  Marriage counseling can help you heal from emotional neglect in your marriage. Emotional connection and fulfillment are foundational elements for a healthy and thriving...
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The Impact of Emotional Neglect in Childhood with Individual Counseling: Understanding and Healing

Individual counseling is important to understanding and healing childhood emotional neglect. Childhood emotional neglect involves disregarding and dismissing certain or all the emotional needs of...
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Individual Counseling Can Help with Post-Traumatic Growth

  Individual counseling can be a huge help to those dealing with post-traumatic growth. Along your healing journey, you may notice some of the positive...
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Individual Counseling – January is Mental Wellness Month

  Individual counseling is the perfect outlet to work on your mental wellness. January is mental wellness awareness month and is the time to recognize...
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Preparing For the New Year with Individual Counseling

When the new year brings issues, individual counseling can help! The new year can be challenging for some people for various reasons, and individuals may...
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Marriage Counseling and Addressing the Holidays

Marriage counseling can be helpful during the holidays if you have trouble around family. Marriage counseling aims to produce healthy conversation and facilitate changes to...

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