Being a “grown up” isn’t easy and sometimes we need a little help coping with life, which is where individual counseling can be a great benefit. The reality of adulthood is drastically different than we could fathom as idealistic teenage. Our concept of adulthood was shaped by the influences of our youth. Much of what we thought we would become was based on what we either wanted to emulate or what we wanted to avoid. By the time adulthood hits, many of us realize that we were ill-prepared, no matter how functional or dysfunctional our up-bringing. This is where individual counseling plays a vital role for many.

individual counseling Overland Park Take Charge IncThe adults that come to Take Charge, Inc for individual counseling with Terri Clinton Dichiser, come for various reasons – seeking various results. Everyday life can get cluttered and busy, especially if you have children with school, sports, dance, etc. activities, so having a moment to yourself may seem like a hopeless dream.   When life is busy it is easy to feel disconnected, forget our value and worth, and become complacent. This cycle, although common, is immensely counter-productive to one’s personal growth and well-being. The feeling that our well-being is outside our control can be overwhelming.

Although having time to yourself, to work on yourself, may seem like a whimsical and impossible fantasy, it is in fact the very thing that gives you empowerment. Taking a little time out of your week or month for individual counseling could do wonders for your outlook on life. Individual counseling with Terri Clinton Dichiser is tailored to fit your needs. She works with adults from all ages and walks of life; helping each to live life as authentic as humanly possible. Those who engage in individual counseling learn to understand: human nature, what can change and what cannot, individual personality traits, learned behaviors, and core values and beliefs. Through individual counseling you gain an understanding of what truly motivates you and how to get your needs met in life

Individual counseling provides a supportive space to explore your life, past and present, and work through the experiences that may cause you internal struggle. Healing occurs when you can put your thoughts and feeling into words, without fear of criticism or judgment. No matter what external circumstance are causing you sadness or daily struggles, individual counseling can bring positive changes to job, relationships, mood, and perspective on life.

If you are ready to stop feeling overwhelmed or too busy and ready to start creating a more positive and productive life, contact Take Charge, Inc and schedule a visit. You deserve a little “me time”.