Setting Small Goals With Individual Counseling Can Be Better Than Making A New Year’s Resolution

Individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. can help you get through the year without feeling the guilt of not keeping a New Year’s resolution. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, how many times have you or someone you know lost the same ten pounds? What about joining a gym – how many times have you joined one but never really got into a steady routine of going? And then there’s learning that new language. How many years in a row did you vow that this was the year it would happen? If this sounds familiar, listen up, and don’t feel bad, because you are not alone.

As a matter of fact, according to a study by The University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology, only 39% of people in their twenties achieve their resolution goals each year. The number keeps decreasing with age. By the time you are in your fifties, only 14% of people achieve their resolution goals each year.

So why is this? Well there are a few reasons:

  • We bite off big chunks that aren’t realistic. We go from doing nothing to saying we will do everything.
  • We make commitments based on other people’s expectations. We worry too much of what other people are thinking instead of asking ourselves, what will make “me” happy?
  • We don’t have the right mindset. We have not made that internal shift.

With individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas, Terri Clinton Dichiser believes healing and understanding go together and most of life’s issue can be managed and maintained through a consistent, commitment to you.

Individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. can be better than resolutions.

Terri provides a safe, comfortable environment that allows you to put your thoughts and feeling into words, without fear of criticism or judgment. She will guide you into a better understanding and possibly a different perspective on your life’s circumstances.

One way to achieve small goals is to throw away your New Year’s resolutions and think about what you should be doing all year long. Do you want to start a blog? There’s no need to have to feel like you should have a new post every day. Breaking up what you want to do into smaller-sized goals will help you achieve what you want to.

Start small and have commitment to every action. Do not make excuses when you fail. Simply acknowledge it, determine why it happened and move on. Once you see small victories, the large ones will follow.

You don’t have to be ‘crazy’ or under significant duress to seek individual counseling Sometimes our beliefs or expectations of ourselves or counseling result in a delay in seeking help until situations become serious, or we are already in crisis. While no issue is too big or small, many people tell us that they wish they had come to counseling sooner.

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