Marriage Counseling At Take Charge, Inc. Can Help Couples With Summer Vacation Expectations

Summer vacation – a time filled with the hope and promise. People are working at historic intensity, ever-connected and consumed by work. It’s not surprising that even though your body might be melting into a beach towel, your brain is still scrolling through to-do lists back home. One partner might be frustrated by the other partner’s focus on life back home instead of the focus being on them.  Then this trip which held such high hopes falls short of your needs being met and creates pain.

Marriage counseling can help couples when summer rolls around as each spouse may have different vacation expectations versus reality. We all envision how we’d ideally like our summer vacation to pan out. Marriage counseling with Terri Clinton Dichiser at Take Charge, Inc. can help couples manage expectations and plan together for summer vacation time.

Often couples struggle with planning and vacation discussions because there is distance in the relationship, or they fear the risk of conflict.  They want to get away, they want to reconnect and be close in a beautiful serene place.  Going to marriage counseling may help you avoid feeling lonely on the trip and/or avoid conflict. It’s important to learn how to talk with your spouse about connecting and relaxing together.

Marriage counseling at Take Charge, Inc. can help with summer vacation expectations.

Do you feel alone in your marriage? Do you constantly feel criticized and judged? Do you feel like you are just getting by day-to-day? You can’t let go of what your spouse did to you? Do your ‘talks’ keep ending in the same old argument?

Statistics show that one spouse in more than 50% of marriages will answer yes to at least one, if not more, of these questions.

Terri utilizes Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) to help couples reconnect with one another. She uses therapy and marriage counseling to help couples recognize the patterns they have established in their relationship and offers tools and strategies to break those patterns to create a renewed sense of safety and security with your spouse.

EFT research shows:

• More than 70% of couples turned their relationship around; from distressed – no matter how distressed – to happy in 15 – 20 sessions, and;
• More than 90% of couples “significantly improved.

EFT is counseling therapy based on 20 years of clinical studies with proven results for couples in crisis. EFT counseling is based on therapy with your spouse in the safe environment of Terri’s office to help you create a haven of safety and strength in your marriage. Marriage based on a connection with your spouse that makes you stronger as an individual and in your marriage.

Terri uses EFT in marriage counseling to help you and your spouse move past the surface problems you face into the root issues that brought your relationship to this point. In these root issues, Terri guides you to recognize the destructive patterns of behavior and communication you and your spouse have created in your relationship. Couples recognize these patterns and behaviors are the enemy in the marriage, not each another.

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