Take Charge, Inc. – Depression Treatment After the Holidays

Depression-treatment-holiday-blues-take-charge-IncIt is no wonder that there is a rise in depression treatment after the holidays. We spend days, weeks, even months preparing for the holidays – shopping for presents, decorating, getting together with friends and family and much more. When “normal” life resumes, we experience a drop from all the activity and fatigue from physical and emotional overwhelm. Many of us may feel a little blue and some may feel depressed. It is important to know the difference between feeling a little blue and when it is time to seek help for depression treatment.

Terri Clinton Dichiser, a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, located in Overland Park, KS, offers depression treatment. With her help, clients address concerns in new and constructive ways. Terri is proud to be certified by Dr. Lissa Rankin’s Whole Health Medicine Institute and being a ‘brain-wise’ therapist, she applies both neuroscience and neuropsychology when working with clients.

There are a myriad of reasons why we feel the post-holiday blues, according to psychologytoday.com. During the holidays, we often have full social calendars, spend time with family, fatigue from traveling during the holidays, and many more. Memories of loved ones who died during the year can bring up strong emotions and sadness.  The full magnitude of past painful experiences can also be triggered.

If an area in your life is having a negative impact on your ability to live a fulfilled life, Terri will help you bring that area under your control, to include depression treatment. Terri proposes a better way to deal with depression is a positive lifestyle to change your neural pathways. Your brain can change as Terri helps you develop different behavior and beliefs. Consistent therapy, healthy relationships, stress management, avoiding toxic relationships and compassion are vital to dealing with depression and anxiety.

In addition to depression treatment, there are ways to beat depression after the holidays. Some ideas include planning at least one thing a week to look forward to, go to the movies, theater, and museums, and especially to take care of your health, to include exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

Terri, located in Overland Park Kansas, offers 19 years of counseling experience and more than 22 years of working with individuals and families. If you are feeling the post-holiday blues and are thinking about getting help with depression treatment, call Terri at her office at (913) 239-8255.