Co-Parenting and Divorce Coaching With Take Charge, Inc.

Divorce, and the process of going through divorce, can be a deeply challenging time, especially when children are involved; this is where Terri Clinton Dichiser can help with co-parenting counseling or divorce coaching in Overland Park, Kansas.

Take-Charge-Inc-co-parenting-divorce-coachingWhile the lives of the parents are diverging, children often get caught between the different lives instead of the nuclear family they were used to. Terri offers co-parenting counseling to couples going through divorce, and after divorce also, to help develop a co-parenting plan.

The primary goal of co-parenting counseling is to work on the parent’s communication for a more safe and effective approach. Co-parenting counseling also offers a venue to discuss unresolved issues involving the children, from scheduling conflicts to behavioral problems.

Even with the parent’s divorce or process of divorce, turmoil can arise. Terri provides effective tools with co-parent counseling to help parents relate and communicate with each other, and establish an amicable relationship to extend beyond even the parenting roles. Co-parenting counseling also provides parents the tools and strategies to help learn more effective ways to deal with the other parent.

Terri has developed a Comprehensive Parenting Plan Guide and Workbook that helps during co-parenting counseling, by addressing the issues divorced and divorcing parents face. Terri will work with each parent separately and/or jointly to create a plan that allows parents to both have a say in the parenting roles. Co-parenting counseling provides the parents tools and strategies to accomplish this goal.

Many parents find themselves caught in a negative cycle. Through co-parenting counseling, Terri teaches parents to recognize those cycles and change their communication patterns and their behaviors. Terri can help turn the negative cycle to a purposeful relationship, which will in turn allow an effective and amicable way to parent your children.

Co-parenting counseling gives parents the tools that allow them to continue to give their children the security of each parent’s love and commitment. Co-parenting counseling teaches parents how to restructure their relationship for the best of their relationship and the relationship with their children. In addition, if only one parent wants to attend they can come for divorce coaching and apply similar strategies individually.

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