Mediation: Dignified Conflict Resolution With Take Charge, Inc.

Take-Charge-Inc-mediation-divorceMediation may come up as an option for divorcing couples. Many conflicts can come up while a couple is going through a divorce, to include differences in what is best for them, their children, and finances. Mediation can help with the stress during, and even after a divorce. Terri Clinton Dichiser is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and has provided exceptional service to clients since 1998 at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas.

The State of Kansas has very strict statutes regarding mediation and the role of the mediator. The state may require mediation, unless mediation would be inappropriate in the particular case. A mandatory 60-day delay from the time the petition is filed until a final Decree of Divorce may be granted unless an emergency prevails. Terri uses a systematic approach for mediation, and incorporates every decision that must be addressed during the process of divorce.

From a low-conflict to the highest-conflict divorce, Terri will help couples address the root of their problems, and guide them to mutually agreeable terms during mediation counseling.

During mediation counseling, Terri encourages couples to use their energy toward creative problem solving, rather than seeking revenge. Terri helps couples to communicate their needs, which gives each individual control in the decision-making process. With Terri as your mediator, communication will remain open and direct, and a plan will be formulates to address the conflicts as well as each individual’s needs.

Terri, as a counselor with years of experience, knows the benefit of having the children as the focus and has developed an extensive Parenting Plan Guide and Workbook. She uses it to work through every issue that could arise with parenting. Terri’s style in mediation helps couples focus on their children’s needs and improve the co-parenting relationship. Terri helps mediate parenting issues and with dignity and respect, which often ends in less conflict about the children.

Terri offers a safe and comfortable setting in her office in Overland Park, KS, for mediation. Terri’s style involves cooperative face-to-face problem solving, which allows for detailed planning, leading to more creative and satisfying outcomes.

For more information on mediation with Terri, call us at (913) 239-8255.