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Marriage Counseling and Dealing with Family and Holiday Difficulties

Marriage counseling at Take Charge, Inc. is available for spouses so they can navigate the holidays together, whatever life throws at them. This time of...

Individual Counseling Talks Human Superpower: Interoception

Utilize individual counseling to ‘Take Charge’ of your mental healing with the help of your own human superpower – interoception! Have you ever felt your...

Couples Counseling – Let’s Talk About Sex, Trauma and Faking Orgasms

Couples counseling works when each person is ready to participate – to be fully vulnerable, open, and honest. Couples come in for many different reasons...

Individual Therapy and the 4 R’s of Trauma Informed Therapy

Individual therapy focused on a trauma informed therapy approach is a hot topic in the last few years and finding a therapist has become increasingly...

Marriage Counseling: Depression Screening Month is Here

Marriage counseling is a helpful course of treatment for those who have loved ones diagnosed with depression. October 7 is National Depression Screening Day, whose goal...

Individual Counseling: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Individual counseling is often beneficial to anyone dealing with breast cancer and the trials it can leave behind. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an...
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Individual Counseling for National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

If individual counseling is what you are seeking, it’s available at Take Charge, Inc., in Overland Park, Kansas. We are recognizing September as National Suicide...
In marriage counseling, we learn that coping is not really about what is happening around us so much as how we interpret the situation.

Marriage Counseling Helps Cope With Emotional Triggers

Marriage counseling can help you to manage emotional triggers that affect your relationship. Experiences from our past can make us oversensitive in our current relationships....
Individual counseling teaches coping strategies that focus on managing emotions or changing the situation to make it less stressful.

Individual Counseling Can Help Understand Emotional Triggers

Individual counseling can help you to identify and cope with your emotional triggers. An emotional trigger is any topic or event that causes a strong...
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Individual Counseling: Why Does A Narcissist Bring Up Your Childhood Trauma?

Individual counseling can help you learn how to deal with a narcissistic partner in marriage and can help you learn why they continue to bring...

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