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Individual Counseling: Why Does Suppressing Emotions, Hurt?

Individual counseling can help you identify and correct inaccurate beliefs about your emotions that might hurt you. Emotions, or psychological states, are our natural responses...
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Marriage Counseling: Am I Suffering Emotional Abuse? How Do I Heal?

Marriage counseling is available to those who need help within their relationships here at Take Charge Inc. Emotional abuse is one of the scariest things...
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Individual Counseling: Did I Suffer from Childhood Emotional Neglect, and How to Heal

Individual counseling is the best way to identify and treat the lasting effects of childhood emotional neglect. Emotional neglect can exist on a spectrum; while...
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Individual Counseling Works Best with Practice

Individual counseling is a useful tool for anyone who has been through a traumatic event, has PTSD, or just needs an outlet for everyday life....
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Marriage Counseling: Stopping Co-Dependency

In marriage counseling the goal is to produce healthy conversation and facilitate changes to unhealthy patterns. Marriage counseling can deal with co-dependency in relationships by...
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Individual Counseling: If You’ve Experienced Sexual Activity without Consent – Find Help!

Individual counseling is available at Take Charge, Inc. that incorporates polyvagal theory for the healing of complex post-traumatic stress disorder, and other issues related to...
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Individual Counseling: It’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month 2023

Individual counseling with Terri can help many situations, and since April is sexual assault awareness month, some might need the extra support. Sexual assault is...

Couples Counseling: Learning to Say No in Your Intimate Relationship

Couples counseling with Take Charge, Inc. helps struggling couples make changes as individuals and in their relationships as well. How does someone end up becoming...

Individual Counseling – Learning an Authentic NO

Individual counseling with Take Charge Inc can help you learn how to say a true, authentic NO. Many of us hesitate to say no to others....

Individual Counseling: Getting to the Root of Anxiety

Individual counseling and the field of mental health in general have become a priority in the U.S. Most seem to struggle with ongoing anxiety and...

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