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Preparing For the New Year with Individual Counseling

When the new year brings issues, individual counseling can help! The new year can be challenging for some people for various reasons, and individuals may...
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Marriage Counseling and Addressing the Holidays

Marriage counseling can be helpful during the holidays if you have trouble around family. Marriage counseling aims to produce healthy conversation and facilitate changes to...
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Individual Counseling and Managing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Individual counseling can be a huge help if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. It is not uncommon for people to experience seasonal fluctuation in...
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Couples Counseling can Aid with Recurring Arguments

Couples counseling with Take Charge Inc. might be a great option if you have recurring arguments in your relationship. Having the same argument repeatedly in...
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Individual Counseling: Am I an HSP or Empath?

Can individual counseling help if you’re highly sensitive or empathetic? People often lump introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people together. Although they share some similar traits,...
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Individual Counseling: Am I the Problem?

Individual counseling can be highly beneficial for individuals who recognize their toxic traits or behaviors and want to address and change them. Individual counseling, also...
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Marriage Counseling: What if I’m the Partner Who Shuts Down?

Talking with Terri at Take Charge, Inc. might be a good idea if you are seeking marriage counseling because you have trouble communicating in your...
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Individual Counseling – Get to the Root Cause

Individual counseling, also known as therapy or psychotherapy, aims to help individuals explore and address their emotional, psychological, and behavioral challenges. Getting to the root...

With Individual Counseling, Self-Compassion is Important

When taking on individual counseling, it’s important to have self-compassion during your healing process. Self-compassion involves acting the same way toward yourself when you are...
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Individual Counseling: You Can Suffer High Functioning Depression and Still Get Help

Individual counseling is an excellent option if you need help or suffer from depression. Over 8.4% of adults in the United States—21 million as of...

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