Couples Counseling Can Help Lasting Mental Health Effects From Pandemic

Couples counseling is available at Take Charge, Inc. to help manage ongoing mental health issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. From financial worries to facing our mortality, coronavirus stirred up a storm of stressors that continue to cause a secondary pandemic of emotional and mental health problems. As we move through the holidays and enter into 2022 it needs to be a priority to address everyone’s mental health, in both individual and couples counseling.

Couples counseling is available at Take Charge, Inc. to help manage ongoing mental health issues brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

There’s no denying that the mental health effects are ongoing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Employers are predicting that late-stage chronic disease diagnoses and mental health illnesses will increase costs in the coming year. Over 90% of employers expect to see more claims for medical care and additional long-term mental healthcare needs for their employees. Hair loss due to stress has been such a common issue during the pandemic that the American Academy of Dermatology issued a Public Service Announcement (PSA) about it.

About one in five US citizens suffered from some sort of mental illness before the pandemic. That figure is currently two in five. Many of us may not even be fully conscious of how deeply we have been affected by the past year. People have been in survival mode for a long time, and the weight of the pandemic has triggered unaddressed trauma and symptoms.

Increased anxiety and depression, early retirements of burnt-out health professionals, and the ongoing effects for low-wage workers traumatized by working in high-risk positions at grocery stores, food processing plants, and other essential businesses will all continue to be major issues for many years to come.

How Couples Counseling Can Help

We instinctively know that having the same arguments over and over is not productive, and often choose to ignore the problem in the hope that it will just go away. It almost never does, though, and these issues have a way of resurfacing when outside stressors are present.

Every couple, no matter how deeply in love and committed they are, has disagreements. Attempting to navigate them on our own often leads to negativity and blame. Couples counseling at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, KS gives you new tools and techniques to transform normal relationship stress into a stronger bond.

Whether COVID-19 has brought up new issues in your relationship or you just want to make your bond even stronger, now is an excellent time to start couples counseling. For more information, call Take Charge, Inc. at (913) 239-8255. To schedule an appointment, click here.


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