Depression Counseling Helps in Many Ways, Including With Motivation and PTSD

Depression is a serious, but common, condition, and depression counseling is one of the many ways to treat depression. Depression can also be a primary characteristic co-occurring with a diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Here’s why the two conditions may be related.

Everyone feels sad from time to time, but depression is different from feeling unhappy or sad. Depression is intense, lasts longer than just feeling sad from time to time, and has a largely negative impact on your life. Depression counseling can help with both depression and PTSD.

Depression is one of the most commonly co-occurring diagnoses in people with post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, researchers have found that among people who have (or have had) a diagnosis of PTSD, approximately 48 percent to 55 percent also experienced current or previous depression diagnosis.

Take Charge inc depression counseling motivation PTSDPTSD and depression may be connected in a number of ways. First, people with depression are more likely to have traumatic experiences than people without depression, which, in turn, may increase the likelihood that PTSD develops. A second possibility is that the symptoms of PTSD can be so distressing and debilitating that they actually cause depression to develop, depression counseling should be sought sooner than later.

Some people with PTSD may feel detached or disconnected from friends and family. They may also find little pleasure in activities they once enjoyed and lack motivation. Finally, they may even have difficulty experiencing positive emotions like joy and happiness. Seeking depression counseling is very beneficial, especially as I believe healing and understanding go hand in hand. It’s easy to see how experiencing these symptoms of PTSD may make someone feel very sad, lonely, and depressed.

It’s important to seek depression counseling if you have PTSD or co-occurring depression. The sooner we address your PTSD symptoms, the less likely they will become worse and increase your risk for depression. If you currently have both depression and PTSD, it’s also important to get depression treatment as soon as possible, as each disorder may make the other worse.

Terri Clinton Dichiser is  a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Overland Park, Kansas. She can help you with motivation associated to depression or PTSD. Call to discuss how depression counseling can help you.