Individual Counseling On The Rise – Depression Can Affect Anyone (Part 2)

Diagnosing depression can be tough for doctors, depending on the patient and the level of their depression, and if they are currently going to individual counseling. Hollywood seems to always show us the glamorous side of life, the money, cars, houses, etc. Celebrities are human too, and often open up about their depression and individual counseling.

Take-Charge-Inc-Individual-Counseling-celebrity-depressionGinger Zee, chief meteorologist at ABC News, recently opened up about her battle with depression in a her new book, “Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I am One.” While her career was on the rise, she was in an abusive relationship and battling depression. Zee checked herself into a hospital, which included individual counseling while hospitalized, because, as she explained, “I had a disease. I will always have that disease. It’s not something that just goes away.”

Terri offers individual, one-on-one counseling for individuals going through a life crisis or needing counseling for a particular circumstance. Individual counseling can also include relationship counseling as well.

Other celebrities who have spoken about their battles with depression include Ellen DeGeneres, who, after publicly coming out as a gay woman, was bullied, scared and lonely, and moved out of Los Angeles, according to “Smooth”. DeGeneres moved out of L.A. in a severe depression, and started individual counseling.

At a mental health conference in Chicago in January, Michael Phelps, swimmer and winner of 28 Olympic medals, shared his personal story about his depression, and how he’s experienced serious bouts of depression in his life. British actor Hugh Laurie, famous for playing Dr. Gregory House, said his depression started as a teenager, though it wasn’t until years later after having an extra-marital affair, that he agreed to seek help and attend individual counseling.

You don’t have to be ‘crazy’ or under significant duress to seek out individual counseling. There is no issue too big or small – Terri will work with you through individual counseling to reach your goals.

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