Divorce Counseling Can Help Avoid Valentine’s Day Blues

Valentines-Day-Divorce-Counseling-Take-Charge-incDivorce Counseling during February may be exactly what you need to make it through the “Love” holiday. Love is in the air, and the expectations for relationships around Valentine’s Day can be daunting. Dinner and a movie, roses, candy, etc., seems to be the status quo of Valentine’s Day. But what if your relationship is already over and Valentine’s Day seems to be for everyone else but you? Divorce counseling can help deal with the feelings that come with this holiday.

Divorce counseling, whether by yourself or with your spouse as the divorce process is going on, can be developed into several personal services by Terri Clinton Dichiser, to determine what they need at this critical point in their lives. Terri’s focus is to help individuals move past the trauma of divorce, and move forward into a new chapter in their lives.

If you are in the midst of a divorce, or if this is your first year as a divorcee, there are some things, along with divorce counseling, that can make this time of year easier. The first thing is to help out someone else, whether it be donating a teddy bear to a child in need, or helping out an elderly neighbor or friend. When we help others, it in turn helps make us feel happier. Now there is also “Galentine’s Day”, when several or many women get together to celebrate their friendship. With divorce counseling, Terri can help you to guide you to make sense of the confusion, especially when it seems like everything is centered around happy couples in love.

There is a grieving process that goes along with divorce, and through divorce counseling, Terri can help you freely express that grief, come to terms with the loss, and enable you to move through it. Wendy Paris, a blogger for Huffington Post, advises to focus on the love in your life that you do have, like children and friends.

Through divorce counseling, Terri can help guide you in your thought processes, because oftentimes the dread of thinking about being single is worse than actually living single. She makes sure you don’t get caught up in the dread of single life, but to focus on the new life ahead of you.

Though it may seem like everyone around you is celebrating Valentine’s Day, with divorce counseling, Terri’s goal is to empower you and give you confidence in your new life.