STRESS: The Benefits of Individual Counseling on Stress

Every day stress, whether large or small, can be helped with individual counseling.  Terri Clinton Dichiser, at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas, can help with individuals coping with stress. Terri believes that a commitment to you, along with individual counseling, will help with healing and change your brain to live a healthy lifestyle.

Almost everyone experiences stress from time to time, and while a small amount of stress can motivate us, too much stress can be damaging if not overwhelming and paralyzing. Stress effects us physically and mentally, which makes daily living and interactions difficult. There are many things in life that can cause stress, including work, relationships, family issues and financial problems. For some people, stress causes them to adopt unhealthy coping methods such as smoking or drinking – and while this may feel like a quick fix, these habits are harming your health and ultimately, the stress itself still isn’t being addressed. This is exactly what individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. Overland Park, Kansas is designed to address and help.

Take-Charge-Inc-Individual-Counseling-for-STRESSA 2000 study titled Attitudes in the American Workplace, revealed that 80% of workers experience job-related stress. A further study revealed that 65% of workers admitted this stress affected their daily lives; 10% of them declaring it had major, lasting effects. The American Institute of Stress calls stress “America’s leading health problem.” The issue causing your stress may in turn cause added stress due to the strain and struggle you feel. When your stress becomes too much to handle your stress may evolve into a form of fight or flight. Individual counseling works to help identify the root of the stress, relieve the feelings of imminent doom and set obtainable personal goals. Having and reaching your goals allows you to replace the feeling of despair with a sense of accomplishment.

Often, people come in for individual counseling after their stress has reached a physical level. Take Charge, Inc is quite familiar with the physical symptoms of stress: headaches, fatigue, insomnia, etc. Once the stress level has reached a physical manifestation you risk more sever mental conditions such as anxiety and depression – not to mention hypertension, chronic pain, stroke, and heart attack. Take Charge, Inc., believes that medication isn’t always the answer. Individual counseling should be started even if the stress levels are manageable, so as to avoid over use of medications, which only mask the pain and do nothing to treat the cause.

Terri Clinton Dichiser, at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas, provides a comfortable, nonjudgmental environment to help individuals deal with stress. The individual counseling provided is designed to address all your stressful events such as work, relationships, or even abuse, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Terri Clinton Dichiser has more than 22 years experience in counseling and more than 18 years specifically in individual counseling.

For more information on individual counseling for stress, call Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, Kansas at 913-239-8255.