Individual Counseling At Take Charge, Inc., Gives The Ability to Identify And Regulate Emotions

Individual counseling with Terri Dichiser at Take Charge, Inc., promotes healing and understanding that go together and most of life’s issue can be managed and maintained through a consistent, commitment to you.

Being able to fully engage in current moment-to-moment experience and use this experience to make active choices in how to define the self and relate to others. Key experiences are explored, integrated, and used to expand the range of your responses, rather than being denied or distorted. Learn the  value of being authentic — trusting one’s experience and being true to oneself.

Processing moment to moment emotional experiences provides powerful results in therapy with Terri. The ability to identify and articulate emotions offers tools for making choices and problem solving. Terri provides a safe, comfortable environment that allows you to put your thoughts and feeling into words, without fear of criticism or judgment. She will guide you into a better understanding and possibly a different perspective on your life’s circumstances with individual counseling.

Individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. helps you regulate your emotions.

Consider what happens if someone is trying to block negative emotions all the time. More and more mental energy will go into suppressing  emotions. The self will use increasingly harsh and critical language to inhibit the feelings (“Stop feeling this way!” “What is wrong with you!?”; “This is pointless, stop being so stupid”). Not only do these elements inhibit the original feeling, but they increase more negative feelings. The person feels wounded and judged, which creates a negative internal cycle, a cycle where an individual turns against themselves, this easily leads to depression. Suppression and avoidance are associated with a range of psychological issues including anxiety and depression.

What are emotions? Emotions are processing information so we can survive.  Emotions organize core experiences and cognitions about self and others.  They are part of the experiential system, First, there are your sensory perceptual experiences (i.e., seeing trees, hearing music). Second, there are drives (i.e., good things you intuitively want to approach and bad things you intuitively want to avoid). Third, there are emotions, which are “response sets” that prepare and energize action in response to perceptions and drives.

1. Emotions are a central part of our brain.
2. Emotions provide information about one’s core goals and needs.
3. There are two broad systems of emotions, negative and positive. Negative emotions signal threat to needs and goals and energize avoidance. Positive emotions signal opportunity to meet needs and goals and energize approach.
4. Emotions prepare an individual for action.

Positive psychology is the science of what is needed for a good life. With individual counseling with Terri, collaborative emotional exploration is associated with successful outcome. At the individual level, it is about positive individual traits: the capacity for love and vocation, courage, interpersonal skill, aesthetic sensibility, perseverance, forgiveness, originality, future mindedness, spirituality, high talent, and wisdom.

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