Individual Counseling: You Can Suffer High Functioning Depression and Still Get Help

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Individual counseling is an excellent option if you need help or suffer from depression. Over 8.4% of adults in the United States—21 million as of 2020, according to the National Institutes of Health—endure at least one major depressive episode annually. If you suffer from depression, call Take Charge Inc. today and ask about individual counseling. 

While the stigma against seeking mental health treatment is lessening, some dangerous myths remain. Things like ‘if depression isn’t severe and persistent—involving frequent bouts of uncontrollable weeping, emotional paralysis, and suicidal thoughts—then there isn’t a real problem,’ one should just tolerate pain with stiff-lipped silence. “High-functioning depression” is not a clinical diagnosis but a colloquial term that has grown in popularity in recent years, although some experts have mixed feelings about its use. High-functioning depression, or dysthymia, may be harder to detect than major depressive disorder (MDD) because the people living with it are often high achievers who make you think everything is all right all the time. “Broadly, “high-functioning depression” is a nonmedical term that can be used to describe certain people who meet the criteria for a clinical diagnosis of depression but manage to function day-to-day in a way that their mental condition probably isn’t apparent to others or even to themselves” as stated by Professor Jameca Woody Cooper. 
Clinical depression is typically diagnosed along a spectrum that considers a person’s ability to function. Experts have differing opinions about whether “high-functioning depression” should be a widely used mental health term or become an official diagnosis. Professor Woody Cooper said she often sees it in people with “Type-A personalities” who display this type of depression. Other characteristics may include holding an important position, struggling with perfectionism, being a people-pleaser, or wanting to be perceived as strong and capable. This makes it difficult to spot signs of depression in people who might not recognize it in themselves or who might be actively masking their symptoms and pushing through, perhaps because appearing outwardly strong and capable is integral to their identity. It’s essential to understand that outward behaviors or accomplishments do not solely define depression. Even individuals who seem to be doing well can be dealing with internal emotional pain. Recognizing the signs of high-functioning depression and encouraging open and supportive communication can be vital in helping those individuals get the support and treatment they need. Individual counseling is an excellent option for those dealing with any type of depression. 
More than one in ten adults in the US take antidepressants. Almost 85% of these psychiatric medications are prescribed by primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants in very short and brief office visits. Antidepressants have warnings about potentially dangerous side effects. They can be difficult to stop taking, with significant withdrawal symptoms. Studies have found that most SSRIs decrease negative emotions and dampen all emotions for many patients, including love, happiness, and joy. Taking pills may seem like a quick and easy solution to low moods, but drugs are not a solution for depression treatment. In individual counseling, you take the time and effort to develop brain-healthy habits, build skills, and understand and address your nervous system needs while changing negative behavior and thought patterns. The outcome shows real and lasting results.
If you are suffering, please don’t wait. For more information about depression treatment or individual counseling, contact Take Charge, Inc. at (913) 239-8255 or visit our website to schedule an appointment

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