Proactive Individual Counseling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Proactive Individual Counseling During the Coronavirus Pandemic Can Help


The Coronavirus Pandemic has proven to be a major source of stress including PTSD, and proactive individual counseling from licensed clinical professional counselor, Terri Dichiser, may help you ease PTSD symptoms and give you a sense of control back into your life.  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) occurs when anyone experiences a traumatic event, not only associated with war, but with life-threatening accidents, assault, and terrorist attacks.  It is wise to note that PTSD cannot be diagnosed before one month following the traumatic event, but if you are showing symptoms, being proactive and having someone to talk to can help.
PTSD symptoms include stress, irritability, anger, fear, hyper-vigilance and/or lack of concentration, nightmares and/or having trouble sleeping, avoidance of mental process, and intense flashbacks.  You have to have any number of these symptoms over a significant period of time to be diagnosed with PTSD, and proactive individual counseling can help!  
If you are a frontline health care worker, such as a doctor or nurse, anyone who has lost a job, or are a family member of someone deceased due to Coronavirus, you are vulnerable to COVID-19 induced PTSD, and individual counseling may be necessary to keep you feeling healthy, mentally.  Those who have prior mental health conditions, such as depression, panic, and anxiety, or past trauma are vulnerable as well.
Self-evaluation of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is a proactive way to determine if individual counseling is the right step for you.  Any thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that lead to self-destructive behavior need to be addressed.  One way to start this process is by focusing on positive thoughts, and have regular check-ins with trusted friends and family who will listen without judgement.  Exercise helps to clear your mind and keep you healthy as well.  Be intentional and unplug from news-related sources in regard to Coronavirus and COVID-19, will help to decrease mental stress.  Good sources of information are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. 
With most PTSD cases, symptoms tend to lessen and eventually work their way out after four months post traumatic event.  However, if they don’t improve or continue to get worse, be proactive and seek help from a therapist or mental help professional.  Terri Dichiser is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with Take Charge, Inc., specializing in individual counseling through tele-therapy sessions.  Feel free to contact Take Charge, Inc. today, or call (913) 239-8255 to set up an appointment.  This time in history is hard and stressful, so be proactive and make individual counseling a routine part of monitoring your mental health!
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