Teletherapy Gives The Help You Need Wherever You Are

Teletherapy at Take Charge, Inc. allows you to get the help you need from the comfort and safety of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be.Teletherapy at Take Charge, Inc. allows you to get the help you need from the comfort and safety of your home, office, or wherever you happen to be. The coronavirus pandemic is unquestionably a disaster, but one good thing that has come out of it is that more eyes have been opened to the possibilities of telehealth. Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live video connection, over the internet.

If you have used Zoom or FaceTime on your iPhone, you have used the same type of technology teletherapy uses. Therapy is evolving with technology by providing connection with the therapist and client through telecommunication technology. Through a secure platform clinicians link to clients with an internet connection and video. Through the platform, client and therapist can interact just as they would if in person. Instead of face to face sessions we are on a video platform. 

All you need to utilize therapy online is a stable internet connection and computer, laptop or mobile phone with microphone and camera. You can connect from your office, bedroom, or even the bathtub – wherever you are most comfortable! 

No long commutes or traffic, just close the door in a safe place and log into your session. You don’t have to leave anywhere or rush to get to your appointment. None of your precious time is wasted on a commute, finding parking, or time spent in the waiting room. If you do not live close to Take Charge, Inc you still can utilize therapy, and transportation does not have to be a barrier.

Many people still feel stigmatized by seeking the help they need for mental health concerns.  Online therapy gives you complete privacy between you and your provider. The platform Take Charge, Inc uses is a secure platform that is compliant with HIPAA regulations. 

With  virtual therapy you can still meet with your therapist even if you are ill or hurt. If you have tested positive for a virus or infection or have a common cold or flu bug, you can still get the mental health help you need without exposing others. Research shows that upper respiratory infections can affect mood disorders which makes it even more important to engage in therapy. If you recently had surgery, cancer, or a heart condition that is keeping you homebound, you can enhance your mental health by teletherapy.

If you are a new patient, Terri Dichiser will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that is targeted for your individual needs. For existing patients who are looking for follow-up appointments, therapy can be provided online on an ongoing basis. For more information about teletherapy at Take Charge, Inc., click here or call (913) 239-8255.

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