Marriage Counseling Helps Cope With Emotional Triggers

In marriage counseling, we learn that coping is not really about what is happening around us so much as how we interpret the situation.

Marriage counseling can help you to manage emotional triggers that affect your relationship. Experiences from our past can make us oversensitive in our current relationships. A simple word or action from a partner can open up old wounds that have nothing to do with them. These emotional triggers often elicit out-of-proportion or inappropriate responses that…

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Individual Counseling Can Help Understand Emotional Triggers

Individual counseling teaches coping strategies that focus on managing emotions or changing the situation to make it less stressful.

Individual counseling can help you to identify and cope with your emotional triggers. An emotional trigger is any topic or event that causes a strong reaction related to past trauma. The correlation may be obvious, but more often it takes a little work to figure out where your triggers come from. Once you identify your…

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