Individual Counseling: Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Provided by Take Charge

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Individual counseling is a helpful course of treatment for those who have been diagnosed with depression. Have you heard of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy? It’s been proven to be another helpful treatment method for depression, anxiety, and much more. If you are suffering and unsure how to help, you may want to explore individual counseling through Take Charge…

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Individual Counseling: Why Does Suppressing Emotions, Hurt?

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Individual counseling can help you identify and correct inaccurate beliefs about your emotions that might hurt you. Emotions, or psychological states, are our natural responses to the world around us. We don’t usually fully express every emotion we feel. Instead, we often down-regulate, change, or even entirely suppress feelings. Terri at Take Charge Inc can help you…

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Marriage Counseling: Am I Suffering Emotional Abuse? How Do I Heal?

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Marriage counseling is available to those who need help within their relationships here at Take Charge Inc. Emotional abuse is one of the scariest things to deal with in a marriage. Emotional abuse involves controlling another person using emotions to criticize, embarrass, shame, blame, or otherwise manipulate them. Healthy relationships allow every family member to…

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