Individual Counseling – Learning an Authentic NO


Individual counseling with Take Charge Inc can help you learn how to say a true, authentic NO. Many of us hesitate to say no to others. It’s just two simple letters, and yet saying no can feel really hard — most times even complicated. To many of us, saying no doesn’t just feel awkward – it…

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Individual Counseling: Getting to the Root of Anxiety


Individual counseling and the field of mental health in general have become a priority in the U.S. Most seem to struggle with ongoing anxiety and depression, and instead of getting to the root of the anxiety they will cover it up and mask the symptoms. It’s easy to do. With the help of individual counseling,…

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Individual Counseling; New Year and New You – Practice Healing!


Individual counseling at Take Charge, Inc. can help heal in the new year! We can help people recognize triggers for trauma, and ways to move through them. Often just recognizing that you are triggered allows you to focus on addressing it differently. Step into 2023 by practicing healing with individual counseling with Terri at Take Charge Inc.…

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Individual Counseling Talks Human Superpower: Interoception


Utilize individual counseling to ‘Take Charge’ of your mental healing with the help of your own human superpower – interoception! Have you ever felt your stomach growl? Your head start pounding? Your heart racing? Your palms get sweaty? Your eyes get heavy? If so, do you know how you are able to feel these things?…

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Individual Therapy and the 4 R’s of Trauma Informed Therapy


Individual therapy focused on a trauma informed therapy approach is a hot topic in the last few years and finding a therapist has become increasingly difficult. Before I start talking about the 4 R’s and individual therapy, I want to point out that both are available at Take Charge, Inc. in Overland Park, KS. I serve clients…

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Marriage Counseling: Depression Screening Month is Here


Marriage counseling is a helpful course of treatment for those who have loved ones diagnosed with depression. October 7 is National Depression Screening Day, whose goal is to bring depression into awareness and give help to those who need it. If you’re loved one is suffering and you aren’t sure how to help – look into…

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Individual Counseling: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Individual counseling is often beneficial to anyone dealing with breast cancer and the trials it can leave behind. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness about breast cancer and its impact. We don’t typically link mental health to a cancer diagnosis, but the two are more interconnected than you may think.  Individual…

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